Farm Fresh Market counts with a Full service Meat Department: "Get the meat cut your way"

Buy in Bulks and Save; We offer deals on whole boxes of every item we sell. Save up to 35% off the Regular Price.

Self Service Meat Cuts; in the go?

We have a wide variety of Beef, Pork, Chicken, Turkey, Offals & Smoked meats ready to go.


Did you Know?

That Ground Meat is a great sorce of protein and we offer a great selections of ground meats.

Chicken makes a delicious meal and it is also the world's primary source of animal protein.



Shrimp & Oysters

Live Blue Crabs / Fresh Salmon / Mussels / Snow Crab Legs & Much More!!


Did you know that seafood is good for any part of your body?

Seafood helps you reduces the risk of Stroke, the incidence of depression, and it helps the building of brain tissue.